Wood burning Stoves with accumulation

The Sergio Leoni wood-burning stoves feature an accumulation heating system, reminiscent of the Central European ‘Stube’ and ‘Kachelofen’. However, unlike their Nordic counterparts, Sergio Leoni stoves are freestanding pieces, serving as stunning furnishing accessories adaptable to both contemporary and classical settings.

Utilizing wood-burning accumulation heating, these stoves offer a natural and healthy heating method that doesn’t agitate dust and maintains ideal air humidity levels. Through meticulous firebox design and combustion optimization, Sergio Leoni stoves efficiently produce ample heat with minimal wood consumption, rivaling the performance of top pellet-burning products with over 90% efficiency.

In 2014, Sergio Leoni introduced a line of wood-burning stoves featuring “additional accumulation.” These stoves incorporate extra refractory mass to store and gradually release heat generated by the wood, providing up to 12 hours of continuous warmth without the need for frequent wood reloading.

Explore our wood-burning stove collection including Giglio, Liberty, Maria Luigia, Castellana, Matilde di Canossa, Viennese, and Marlene.

For enhanced heat retention, consider models with additional accumulation such as Viennese, Sissy, Marlene, and Corsara.

Wood burning Stoves with accumulation…

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