Marlene SS P/V Pellet Stove

Discover Marlene SS, a ventilated pellet stove with a center top smoke outlet, allowing placement just 5 cm from the wall. Crafted from handcrafted ceramics in various colors, with a sleek black painted steel door and top. With Maestro technology, control this stove via smartphone, even away from home, without additional kits. Optionally, use a handheld remote control with the Maestro app pre-installed. Explore the Marlene family for various models tailored to different heating needs.


Introducing Marlene SS, a sophisticated and versatile ventilated pellet stove that combines advanced technology with exquisite craftsmanship. The Marlene SS is designed with convenience and efficiency in mind. It features a center top smoke outlet, allowing for placement as close as 5 cm from the wall, maximizing space utilization in your home.

Crafted from handcrafted ceramics and adorned with a sleek black painted steel door and top, Marlene SS exudes elegance and style. Its timeless design is available in a variety of colors, ensuring seamless integration with any interior décor scheme.

With Maestro technology, controlling Marlene SS is effortless. Utilizing a dedicated smartphone application, you can manage the stove’s settings from anywhere, whether you’re at home or away. This innovative feature enhances the stove’s performance This ensures optimal functionality even in less-than-ideal conditions.

For those who prefer a more traditional approach, Marlene SS also offers the option of a handheld remote control. This is equipped with the Maestro app for convenient in-home use.

Explore the Marlene family. This includes a range of models tailored to suit different heating needs and preferences. From the compact Marlene Mini E to the spacious Marlene Maxi Forno E, there’s a Marlene stove for every home.



Available in a selection of finishes, including Gloss, Craquele white, Bordeaux, and more, as well as hand-worked options, Marlene SS allows you to personalize your heating solution to match your unique style.


Technical specifications:

Discover the technical specifications of the Marlene SS pellet stove, renowned for its impressive energy efficiency class of A+ and robust performance. It boasts a nominal heat output of 8.10 kW, with a reduced heat output of 2.30 kW. This ensures reliable heating. With a spacious hopper capacity of 39.00 liters, the stove consumes between 1.80 kg/h and 0.50 kg/h hourly. This guarantees consistent warmth. Constructed from premium materials such as ceramic, brass, and cast iron, the Marlene SS exemplifies durability and visual appeal, making it the ultimate choice for modern homes seeking luxury and comfort.

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