MCZ Comfort Air Ducted Pellet Stoves

Why choose a ducted pellet stove

The same stove heating several rooms, even on different floors of the house? This is possible thanks to the Comfort Air® technology, patented by MCZ. Compact ducts (60 mm section) also suited for partitions and non-load bearing walls, convey hot air up to 8 metres away.

Environmental friendliness and savings with pellets

In addition to being very convenient to use, MCZ ducted stoves use pellets, an affordable and sustainable fuel. It assures extremely high yields at a lower cost than traditional fuels, such as natural gas or diesel. Furthermore, the modern technology for optimising and automatically regulating combustion allow pellets to burn in a “cleaner” way than logs. That is why all models of MCZ ducted pellet stoves fall within all tax benefits and incentives for energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Customised heat in every room

In every room where the air is conveyed to, temperature and ventilation may be controlled in a diversified manner thanks to a handy remote control, to also program switching on and off times according to one’s routines and needs. The remote control is also fitted with a thermostat feature and thus detects the temperature anywhere it is.

Designer ventilation outlets

The hot air of MCZ ducted stoves is conveyed through carefully designed and unobtrusive outlets, the only ones on the market to also work as elegant wall sconces and that may be positioned freely, even close to the floor if required.

What are ducted pellet stoves?

A ducted pellet stove, also known as a pellet stove with ducted air distribution, is a type of pellet stove that offers the unique advantage of heating multiple rooms or areas in your home using a network of ducts. Unlike traditional pellet stoves that primarily provide localized heating, ducted pellet stoves can distribute warm air through a series of pipes or channels to other parts of your house. This allows you to enjoy the warmth and comfort of the stove in various rooms simultaneously, providing a more efficient and comprehensive heating solution for larger living spaces. Ducted pellet stoves are highly versatile and can be integrated into your existing HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system, offering a seamless and convenient heating experience throughout your entire home. With their advanced technology and energy-efficient operation, ducted pellet stoves are an excellent choice for homeowners seeking a more effective and eco-friendly way to heat their living spaces.

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