Ego Pellet Stove

Discover our versatile steel pellet stove, available in 8 configurations (air, ducted, hydro, and Core technology). Featuring a stylish steel design with options in White, Dark, Silver, or Bordeaux, it includes Maestro+ for smartphone control and a retractable digital panel. Efficiently heat single rooms or multiple spaces with Comfort Air®, achieving up to 80°C at 8 meters. Ideal for heating water systems too, it boasts minimal cleaning needs and silent operation with No-Air function. Enjoy high efficiency and low emissions with the sealed combustion chamber.


Presenting our Steel Ego Pellet Stove, available in 8 versatile versions including air, ducted, hydro, and equipped with Core technology. Crafted with a steel structure, complemented by a cast iron top and painted steel sides in White, Dark, Silver, or Bordeaux, it showcases a sleek aesthetic, enhanced by a 2021 restyling for an even more captivating flame display.

Transitioning to control features, the stove integrates Maestro+ technology, enabling seamless smartphone control via a dedicated app or Bluetooth connectivity, offering full control whether at home or on-the-go. Additionally, an innovative retractable digital control panel on the top provides added convenience.

Experience tailored comfort with its air stove functionality, efficiently distributing warm air for rapid heating. Alternatively, opt for the ducted stove option, utilizing the Comfort Air® system to heat multiple rooms simultaneously, with air reaching up to 8 meters away.

For comprehensive heating solutions, explore the hydro stove variant, ideal for both radiators and underfloor heating systems, ensuring efficient heat transfer to the entire home.


Core Technology:

Enjoy an enhanced viewing experience with the new combustion chamber design, offering a larger and more proportionate flame display. Plus, the new Ego pellet stove top design provides ample space for pellet loading, while the Core technology guarantees high efficiency and low emissions, ensuring optimal performance at all power levels.

With minimal ash generation and automatic self-cleaning features, maintenance is hassle-free, requiring cleaning only once a week. Moreover, the No-Air function enables silent operation, utilizing natural convection for heat diffusion.

Benefit from a sealed combustion chamber for reduced oxygen consumption and perfect thermal comfort, even in energy-efficient homes. Choose the UP! version for space optimization, featuring a top smoke outlet for flush wall installation.

Discover the epitome of efficiency and innovation with our Steel Pellet Stove series, offering superior heating performance and control for modern living spaces.


Maestro+ Technology:

Unlock advanced control capabilities with our Wi-Fi-enabled Pellet Stove. Utilizing Maestro+ technology, effortlessly manage your stove from anywhere via a dedicated app. Whether connected to your home internet network or through Bluetooth, enjoy full control and convenience at your fingertips. Plus, benefit from the standard inclusion of a retractable digital control panel for added versatility.


Technical Specifications:

This Ego pellet stove exemplifies top-tier energy efficiency with an A+ class rating and seasonal space heating efficiency of 87.00%. Its compact dimensions of 50 x 104.3 x 55 cm house a powerful heating unit with a nominal output of 8.00 kW, adjustable down to 2.40 kW for efficient operation. Achieving efficiencies of 90.40% at maximum output and 92.90% at minimum, it consumes pellets economically at rates of 0.60 kg/h at minimum and 1.90 kg/h at maximum, ensuring long autonomy periods of 42.00 hours and 13.00 hours, respectively. With a generous 39.00-liter hopper capacity, it can heat volumes ranging from 145.00 m³ to 400.00 m³ depending on insulation density. The stove features an 80 mm smoke outlet, weighs 130.00 kg, and maintains an exhaust smoke temperature of 166.00 °C with a smoke emission rate of 5.40 g/s, making it a reliable choice for efficient and environmentally friendly heating solutions.



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