Ray Ducted Pellet Stove

The ducted slim pellet stove, with a depth of 28.6 cm, offers a choice of stone, steel, or ceramic fronts. It features dual air outlets: one on top for the immediate room and a ductable one to heat rooms up to 8 meters away. The flue outlet can be positioned at the back or top. Equipped with a quick-ignition ceramic spark plug, efficient “brushless” gear motor, and a sealed combustion chamber, it ensures optimal performance and energy savings. Control the stove via the Maestro+ smartphone app, with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, or use the retractable digital panel on top.


The Ray ducted pellet stove, available with stone, steel, or ceramic front panels, has a reduced depth of 28.6 cm. It features two air outlets: one on top to heat the room where it is installed and a ductable one to heat other rooms up to 8 meters away. You can position the flue outlet at the back or top to optimize space.

Moreover, the Ray ducted pellet stove can heat multiple rooms simultaneously. The hot air travels through wall pipes, reaching distances up to 8 meters with the Comfort Air® system. You can install MCZ diffusers freely, even near the floor, providing flexibility in heat distribution.


Ignition Speed and Brushless Gear Motor

Additionally, the stove boasts quick ignition due to a new ceramic spark plug, reducing ignition times by 40%. Its patented “brushless” gear motor is more powerful, quieter, and 90% more energy-efficient than traditional motors.


Maestro+ Technology

The stove’s sealed combustion chamber uses external oxygen, ensuring reduced consumption and perfect thermal comfort without smoke emissions. Moreover, with Maestro+ technology, users can control the stove via a smartphone app, whether at home or away, with connectivity options including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. A retractable digital control panel on top offers additional convenience.


Technical Specifications

This ray ducted pellet stove boasts an A+ energy efficiency class with a seasonal space heating efficiency of 86.00%. Measuring 88.1 x 113.9 x 28.6 cm, it delivers a nominal heat output of 7.80 kW and a minimum heat output of 3.60 kW. With efficiency rates of 90.20% at maximum output and 90.10% at minimum, it consumes pellets at rates of 0.80 kg/h at minimum and 1.75 kg/h at maximum, offering an autonomy of 23.00 hours at minimum usage and 10.00 hours at maximum. The stove features a 28.00-liter hopper capacity and can heat volumes of up to 390.00 m³, depending on insulation quality. It has an 80/130 mm smoke outlet, weighs 155.00 kg, and maintains an exhaust smoke temperature of 179.00 °C with a mass of smoke emission at 4.70 g/s.



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