Mako Ducted Pellet Stove

The Mako Ducted Pellet Stove combines cutting-edge technology with sleek design. It features A+ energy efficiency, an 8.00 kW heat output, and a 44-liter hopper capacity. Efficient and quiet, it heats multiple rooms and offers smart control via smartphone. Perfect for modern homes, it ensures easy maintenance and superior comfort.


CORE Technology and Efficient Multi-Room Heating

Introducing the Mako, MCZ’s latest innovation in pellet stoves. This model combines cutting-edge technology with a sleek Nordic design, available in both Black and Bronze. Its painted steel cladding exudes a minimalist elegance, making it a perfect fit for any modern home. The Mako features a ducted heating system that allows you to heat several rooms simultaneously. Using MCZ’s patented Comfort Air® system, hot air is efficiently transported through wall pipes to other rooms. This system can channel air up to 8 meters away, maintaining a consistent output temperature of 80°C. Additionally, the Mako includes minimalist air diffusers that can be installed flexibly, even near the floor, ensuring comfort and efficiency without compromising on style.


Quick Ignition and Easy Cleaning

Experience the convenience of rapid ignition with the Mako’s new ceramic spark plug. This innovation allows the stove to produce flames in less than three minutes, reducing ignition times by 40%. This not only saves time but also significantly cuts down on electrical consumption, making the Mako both efficient and eco-friendly. The Mako’s design minimizes ash production, and the stove features a self-cleaning brazier that activates automatically. This means you only need to clean the firebox once a week, making maintenance quick and easy. The self-cleaning system ensures that any unburnt material is efficiently removed, keeping the stove in optimal condition with minimal effort.


Quiet and Energy-Efficient Operation and Sealed Structure

The Mako is equipped with a patented brushless gear motor, exclusive to MCZ. This motor powers the pellet feed screw and the automatic brazier cleaning system. Compared to traditional gear motors, it is more powerful, quieter, and reduces energy consumption by 90%. This ensures that the Mako operates efficiently while maintaining a peaceful environment in your home. For those moments when you desire complete silence, the Mako offers a No-Air function. This feature allows you to completely disable the forced ventilation, relying instead on natural convection to diffuse heat throughout the room. Enjoy the benefits of a quiet, warm space without the noise of a fan. The Mako’s combustion chamber is perfectly sealed, using only external oxygen. This design ensures reduced fuel consumption and optimal thermal comfort. It is especially suitable for energy-efficient homes, including those with a Class A energy rating, as it prevents any risk of smoke emissions inside the house.


 Advanced CORE Technology and Smart Control with Maestro+

The Mako incorporates MCZ’s new Core combustion technology, which leverages gasification principles to achieve high efficiency and very low emissions. Core technology ensures exceptional performance at all power levels, with emission levels up to 55% lower than European Ecodesign limits. It produces a natural flame similar to wood-fired products and keeps the glass cleaner for longer periods. The self-cleaning brazier further enhances the convenience, requiring cleaning just once a week. Take control of your heating experience with the Maestro+ technology. The Mako can be managed directly from your smartphone via the Maestro+ App, providing full control whether you are at home or away. The stove connects through your home internet network or via Bluetooth, offering flexibility and convenience. Additionally, the Mako comes with an innovative retractable digital control panel on the top, included as standard, making it easy to adjust settings directly.

Embrace the perfect blend of innovation, efficiency, and style with the Mako Ducted Pellet Stove from MCZ. Enjoy advanced heating technology, user-friendly features, and a sleek design that complements any modern living space.


Technical Specifications

The Mako Ducted Pellet Stove boasts an A+ energy efficiency class with a seasonal space heating efficiency of 87.00%. Measuring 50.2 x 111.2 x 55 cm, it delivers a nominal heat output of 8.00 kW and a minimum heat output of 2.40 kW. Its efficiency peaks at 90.40% at maximum output and 92.90% at minimum output. Pellet consumption ranges from 0.60 kg/h at minimum to 1.90 kg/h at maximum, providing an autonomy of 48 hours at minimum and 15 hours at maximum. The stove features a 44.00-liter hopper capacity and can heat volumes up to 400.00 m³ (20W/m³), 229.00 m³ (35W/m³), or 145.00 m³ (55W/m³). It includes an 80 mm smoke outlet, weighs 161.00 kg, and has an exhaust smoke temperature of 166.00°C with a mass of smoke at 5.40 g/s.#



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