Classic-style small pellet stove, made of cast iron, ideal for a fireplace
Classic-style pellet stove, with cladding and firebox entirely made of cast iron in Black.
Sealed structure and intelligent combustion management with Maestro+ technology.


Everything you need to know about Decò pellet stove

Perfect solution for optimising the space

Thanks to its contained overall dimensions, this product is the perfect solution for optimising the living space. For example, it can be perfectly installed in an existing firebox, thus obtaining both a “British” touch and an effective heating solution. The sliding opening of the pellet tank makes loading operations extremely easy.

Maestro+ version is available with smoke outlet on the top or on the back (with optional hole cover).

Advanced control via Wi-Fi
included as standard

This product includes the Maestro+ technology, that allows the heater to express its utmost potential with even an easier and more intuitive use. A real integrated micro-computer dialogues with your smartphone and further improves the performances of the heater that continues to perfectly work even in non-ideal conditions.


Tecnical Data for Decò Air 8 M1+