Maria Costanza Slim Sealed Stove

Maria Costanza is a slim, ventilated sealed stove, ideal for narrow spaces like corridors and cozy nooks. Its sleek design complements contemporary, modern, and minimalist interiors, adapting seamlessly to any decor style. Customize installation with the smoke outlet position – either on the back or top with an additional kit. Control the stove effortlessly using the panel under the cover or opt for the “Easy connect” Wi-Fi kit for remote control via smartphone. Choose from a range of finishes including Gloss, Craquele white, Bordeaux, and more to match your home decor perfectly. Experience comfort and style with Maria Costanza in any space.


Maria Costanza, a ventilated slim sealed stove with a narrow depth of less than 28 cm, offers optimal heating for corridors and small spaces. Its versatile design makes it suitable for contemporary, modern, or minimalist settings. It also adapts seamlessly to other styles.

The Maria Costanza is equipped with a smoke outlet that can be positioned either on the back or on the top with an additional kit. This provides flexibility in installation to suit your preferences.

Operated conveniently from a panel fitted under the cover, Maria Costanza ensures easy adjustment of settings for personalized comfort. Alternatively, the optional “Easy connect” Wi-Fi kit allows remote control of the stove via smartphone. This offers convenience and flexibility, even when away from home.



Available in a range of finishes including Gloss, Craquele white, Craquele ivory, Bordeaux, Black, Mat, Craquele white matt, and Matt black, Maria Costanza allows you to choose the perfect complement to your interior decor.


Technical Specifications:

Let’s explore the technical specifications. Maria Costanza, model MARIA COSTANZA PV 7 S1, achieves an impressive energy efficiency class of A+. This ensures efficient heating while minimizing energy consumption. It delivers reliable warmth with a nominal heat output of 7.00 kW and a reduced heat output of 2.70 kW.

Featuring a spacious 18.50-liter hopper capacity, this slim sealed stove ensures long-lasting heat without frequent refueling. Its hourly consumption ranges from a maximum of 1.70 kg/h to a minimum of 0.60 kg/h, allowing you to adjust the heat output as needed.

With a heatable volume of 177.00 m3, Maria Costanza provides ample warmth to your living space. It is constructed with premium materials such as ceramic, brass, and cast iron. The Maria Costanza withstands the test of time while maintaining impeccable performance and aesthetic appeal.

Experience the efficiency, versatility, and convenience of Maria Costanza – the perfect choice for stylish and comfortable heating in any home.



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