Sissy P/I

Experience superior heating efficiency with the Sissy P/I pellet stove. Compact yet powerful, it boasts a nominal heat output of 22.30 kW and an energy efficiency class of A++. With its sleek design and compact dimensions (124 cm height, 52 cm depth, and 71 cm width), this stove is perfect for any modern living space. Equipped with advanced technology, including a hopper capacity of 44.00 liters and a smoke outlet of Ø80.00 mm, the Sissy P/I ensures efficient heating with minimal fuel consumption. Its ceramic, brass, and cast iron construction guarantee durability and longevity. Perfect for keeping your home warm and cozy during the colder months.


Discover the epitome of versatility and efficiency with Sissy P/I, a ceramic stove designed for both wood-burning and pellet versions. This hydro stove seamlessly connects with radiators or underfloor heating systems, ensuring comprehensive warmth throughout your home. Boasting exceptional performance, it excels in heat exchange, response time, and operational autonomy. Its ability to produce domestic hot water further enhances its autonomy and utility. Choose Sissy P/I for a reliable heating solution that combines modern functionality with timeless elegance.

Transitioning seamlessly between wood-burning and pellet options, the Sissy P/I stove is a versatile addition to any home. Its hydro capabilities mean it can efficiently heat your entire house, connecting effortlessly with radiators or underfloor heating systems. Enjoy optimal performance with rapid response times and extended operational autonomy. Plus, with the ability to produce domestic hot water, you’ll experience unparalleled convenience and comfort. Elevate your home heating experience with the Sissy P/I stove.



Discover the perfect finish for your space with our diverse selection of options for the product. Choose from glossy, matte, or craquele finishes in a range of colors including white, ivory, cella, green, bordeaux, honey, blue, and black. For a sleek and modern look, opt for a metal finishing in black, nickel, or brass. Whatever your style, we have the perfect finish to complement your space and create the ambiance you desire.


Technical Specifications:

The Sissy P/I pellet stove boasts impressive technical specifications designed to deliver efficient and reliable heating performance. With a height of 124 cm, depth of 52 cm, and width of 71 cm, this stove is compact yet powerful, making it suitable for various living spaces. Its energy efficiency class of A++ ensures optimal utilization of fuel, while its nominal heat output of 22.30 kW and reduced heat output of 4.40 kW provide ample warmth even in large areas.

Additionally, the Sissy P/I features a nominal heat output of 18.00 kW and reduced heat output of 3.00 kW for water heating applications, making it versatile for different heating needs. With an efficiency rating of 92.50%, this stove maximizes heat transfer while minimizing fuel consumption. Equipped with a spacious hopper capacity of 44.00 liters, it can operate for extended periods without the need for frequent refills.

The stove’s hourly consumption ranges from 0.90 kg/h at minimum to 4.90 kg/h at maximum, ensuring flexibility in fuel usage based on heating requirements. With a heatable volume of 550.00 m3, the Sissy P/I can effectively warm sizable areas. Its Ø80.00 mm smoke outlet facilitates efficient smoke evacuation, while its weight of 210.00 kg ensures stability and durability. The stove maintains a smoke temperature of 160.00°C and a smoke flow rate of 12.60 g/s. This contributes to clean and efficient combustion. Crafted from ceramic, brass, and cast iron materials, the Sissy P/I combines durability with elegant design. It is both a stylish design, and reliable heating solution for any home.



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