Vivo 90 Pellet Fireplace

Introducing our cutting-edge ductable pellet fireplace, engineered to revolutionize home heating. With its innovative design featuring a sealed structure and a powerful “brushless” motor, this fireplace is not just a source of warmth but a cornerstone of energy efficiency. Experience the comfort of perfectly regulated thermal conditions across multiple rooms, thanks to its ductable system. Say goodbye to traditional inefficiencies and hello to a new era of eco-friendly heating solutions.


Introducing our advanced ductable Vivo 90 Pellet Fireplace, boasting a spacious view and an elegant black cast iron build. Engineered with Maestro technology and dual Wi-Fi connectivity, it delivers intelligent combustion management for optimal performance.

This fireplace isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s designed to efficiently heat multiple rooms. Equipped with two independent fans (or three for the 11 kW Maestro version), it can be ducted to reach spaces up to 8 meters away. For added convenience, it seamlessly integrates with our comfort air basic or comfort air slim systems.


Sealed Structure:

Experience the superior comfort of its sealed structure, ensuring minimal heat loss by utilizing oxygen exclusively from the outside. This not only reduces energy consumption but also eliminates the risk of smoke emissions, making it suitable for modern homes with high energy efficiency ratings.


‘Brushless’ gear motor:

At the heart of its operation lies our patented “brushless” gear motor, meticulously crafted for MCZ products. Offering enhanced power, reduced noise, and remarkable energy efficiency (with a 90% decrease in electric consumption compared to conventional motors), it ensures a smooth and quiet operation.


Ignition Speed:

Furthermore, ignite your fire with unprecedented speed, thanks to the innovative ceramic spark plug. Witness flames in under three minutes, experiencing a 40% reduction in ignition times while significantly cutting electrical consumption.

Elevate your heating experience with our cutting-edge ductable pellet fireplace, where innovation meets comfort seamlessly.


Vivo 90 Comfort Air 9:

Introducing our compact and efficient heating solution. With dimensions of 114 x 121.2 x 60.8 cm, it delivers 8.9 kW of nominal thermal power and a 35-liter tank capacity. Achieving a remarkable 92.4% nominal efficiency, it offers extended autonomy of up to 38 hours. Versatile and eco-friendly, it can heat spaces up to 445 m3 and holds an A+ energy efficiency rating. With easy installation, weighing 180 kg, it ensures both performance and convenience.


Vivo 90 Comfort Air 11:

Introducing our powerful and efficient heating solution, with dimensions of 114 x 157.5 x 60.8 cm. Boasting a nominal thermal power of 10.9 kW and a 35-liter tank capacity, it ensures reliable warmth. With a nominal efficiency of 90.7% and extended autonomy of up to 38 hours, it offers both performance and endurance. Versatile and eco-friendly, it can heat spaces up to 545 m3 with an A+ energy efficiency rating. Designed for easy installation, weighing 180 kg, it guarantees convenience and effectiveness.



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