Cute Pellet Fuelled Stove

Discover the small, ventilated pellet stove designed for fireplace installation, featuring a classic-contemporary design with a Black painted steel casing and cast iron door. Equipped with Maestro+ technology, it offers efficient heat distribution and advanced control options via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Ideal for modern homes, it ensures quick ignition, reduced energy consumption with a “brushless” gear motor, and optimal comfort with its sealed combustion chamber. Easy to install with its compact dimensions and versatile smoke outlet options, this stove combines style with functionality for cozy, controlled heating.


The small, ventilated pellet stove is designed for installation in a fireplace, blending classic-contemporary aesthetics with functionality. It features a Black painted steel casing and a cast iron door, complemented by a sealed structure and intelligent combustion management powered by Maestro+ technology.

This air stove model ensures optimal comfort in rooms or open spaces with its efficient distribution of warm air via a single, powerful yet quiet fan. Whether heating large areas or adjusting for different insulation levels, you can tailor fan power to your heating preferences—whether for rapid warmth or maintaining a steady temperature with minimal noise.


Ignition Speed and Brushless Gear Motor

Ignition is swift, facilitated by a new ceramic spark plug that reduces startup times by 40%, while cutting electrical consumption. Moreover, the stove incorporates a patented “brushless” gear motor exclusively by MCZ, delivering enhanced performance with reduced noise and energy usage (90% less compared to traditional motors) in pellet loading and brazier cleaning systems.


Sealed Structure and Ideal Space Saving Solution

The stove’s sealed combustion chamber operates with external oxygen intake. ensuring efficient fuel utilization and ideal thermal comfort without emitting smoke indoors, suitable even for modern, energy-efficient homes. Its compact design, including a height of just 80cm and an upper smoke outlet, facilitates easy installation in homes with existing flue pipes.


Maestro+ Technology

Equipped with Maestro+ technology, the stove offers advanced control via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth through a smartphone app or retractable digital panel. This feature provides convenient stove management whether you’re at home or away, enhancing usability and control flexibility for users.


Technical Specifications

This pellet stove exemplifies top-tier efficiency and functionality with an A+ energy efficiency class and seasonal space heating efficiency of 81.00%. Compact yet powerful. It measures 60 x 80.5 x 57.9 cm. Also delivers a nominal heat output of 8.00 kW, adjustable down to a minimum of 2.40 kW. Operating at impressive efficiencies of 92.70% at maximum output and 94.30% at minimum. It consumes pellets at rates of 0.50 kg/h at minimum and 1.80 kg/h at maximum. Also offering extended autonomy of 30.00 hours at minimum and 8.00 hours at maximum.

With a 23.00-liter hopper capacity, it can heat volumes ranging from 145.00 m³ to 400.00 m³ depending on insulation density. Featuring a 100 mm smoke outlet, the stove weighs 145.00 kg. Maintains exhaust smoke temperatures at 135.00 °C. Also with a smoke mass emission rate of 4.80 g/s, ensuring efficient and clean operation in various home environments.



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