BOSCH Heatpump Controls

The Bosch Connected Control allows you to control all of your thermostat’s settings. It also allows you to adjust your schedule or set to vacation mode to save energy while you’re away. You can also connect an unlimited number of thermostats and manage up to 4 schedules per thermostat. This is the perfect solution to achieve maximum comfort with minimal effort!


The Greenstar Sense I is an intelligent wired thermostat that enables load compensation and will offer savings compared to standard on/off controls.

The control provides the option of a single set point room thermostat for those wanting a simpler, but still highly efficient, way to control their heating.


Technical details Greenstar Sense I Intelligent Room Thermostat
Part number7 738 110 054
Efficiency uplift *   +3
Internet Connected  no
Room Thermostat  yes
Wall Mounted  yes
Boiler Mounted   no


Greenstar Sense I Installation and Operating Manual


Features & Benefits

Perfect when replacing an existing, less efficient wired room thermostat
Compatible with your MT10 or existing external 230V programmers
Programmer and room thermostat separate, familiarity for end user
Clear display, simple dial adjustment
Easy for installer to explain operation
Hidden intelligence
No additional knowledge required for end user operation
Load compensation
Increased efficiency of condensing boiler