Bosch Single Split Air Conditioning Unit Climate 3000i

Our 3000i air conditioning unit delivers both heating and cooling for homes, small businesses or office spaces – providing comfort throughout the year.


With an energy efficiency rating of A++ for cooling and A+ for heating, our newest design delivers the best solutions to give user comfort and smart connectivity with our HomeCom Easy App.*

The air conditioning unit is easy to install, quiet when in operation and has a purifying filter that eliminates up to 95% of dust particles, smoke odour and pollen, providing you with cleaner air.

Highest SEER values up to 7.4.

*(Optional Connect Key G10 CL-1 accessory is required).

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Installer Benefits

  • 2.6, 3.5, 5.3 and 7.0 kW outputs
  • Indoor units are compatible with multi split systems
  • Wifi with optional Connect Key G10 CL-1 accessory is required
  • Quiet indoor unit at 20 dB(a) in ‘Silent’ mode
  • High density and cold catalyst filters to clean the room air
  • High max refrigerant pipe length
  • ErP Rating A++/A+
  • Corrosion resistant golden fins to increase lifespan of the coils and enhance the performance
  • Saves additional 20% on power consumption with ‘Eco’ mode
  • ‘Gear’ mode limits the power consumption by 25% or 50% if the need for cooling and heating is low
  • Eurovent certified performance
  • 5 year guarantee as standard. Terms and conditions apply.
  • Heating can be provided even when the outdoor temperatures down to -15°C
  • Self-diagnosis function

User Friendliness


  • Smart – Control from your smartphone.*
  • Auto restart –  will not forget any settings in the event of a power cut.
  • 1-2-3-5 hour off timer – will automatically switch off after the time set.
  • Weekly Timer – The unit will switch on or off within specified time slots on specified days of the week.*

*(Optional Connect Key G10 CL-1 accessory is required


Air Quality


  • ‘I-clean’ mode  – Eliminates up to 99% of bacteria by heating up the evaporator to 56°C.
  • Low ambient cooling – Provides cooling even at low ambient temperatures.
  • 8°C heating – Protection against freezing inside the room, maintaining a temperature of +8°C.
  • ‘Dry’ mode – Removes high humidity from the room, particularly useful on muggy days.




  • ‘Silent Outdoor Unit’ mode – Reduce noise emitted by the outdoor unit to 20 or 21 db(A) (depending on the model) when in use.
  • ‘Follow me’ mode – Indoor unit measures room temperature via the temperature sensor in the remote control.
  • ‘Self-cleaning’ mode – The Self Cleaning mode prevents mould from forming by using plasmacluster ions in the indoor unit.
  • ‘Wind avoid me’ mode – Prevent air blowing directly on you by using the remote controller to adjust the wind direction towards the ceiling.
  • Anti-corrosion – Special anti-corrosion gold coating of fins.


Energy Consumption


  • ‘Gear’ mode – 3 levels of operating power to lower energy usage.
  •  ‘Eco’ mode – In Eco mode, the unit works with a lower level of energy consumption.


Why choose Worcester Bosch?


Rated Excellent


Millions of people across the UK rely on Worcester Bosch for their heating and hot water, and we are proud to have received a 5 star rating by our customers on TrustPilot.


5 year guarantee

5 Year Guarantee

For peace of mind, our air conditioning units comes with a market-leading 5 year guarantee.

Terms and conditions apply.



Same company, Same quality

All Worcester boilers are manufactured with Bosch levels of quality and reliability as standard, giving you peace of mind year after year.


Installer Brochure

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