Boxtherm 60

Experience efficient heating with our compact yet powerful heater. With dimensions of 57.5 x 53 x 46 cm and a 5.9 kW nominal heat output, it offers exceptional warmth. Enjoy rapid ignition, quiet operation, and reduced energy consumption with advanced features. With its A+ energy efficiency rating and convenient 13-liter fuel tank, it’s the perfect heating solution for your space.


Experience the pinnacle of home heating technology with the innovative Boxtherm 60 featuring a sealed combustion chamber. Utilizing external oxygen intake, it guarantees optimal efficiency and comfort in energy-efficient homes, eliminating the risk of indoor smoke emissions.


‘Brushless’ Gear Motor:

Revolutionize your heating experience with our patented “brushless” gear motor, purpose-built for MCZ. Operating the pellet loading feed screw and automatic brazier cleaning system, it offers unparalleled power, whisper-quiet operation, and remarkable energy efficiency, slashing electric consumption by 90% compared to traditional motors.


Ignition Speed:

Enjoy swift and effortless ignition with our state-of-the-art ceramic spark plug, igniting flames in under three minutes. With ignition times reduced by 40%, coupled with significant energy savings, this product sets a new standard for convenience and performance in home heating solutions.


Technical Specifications:

Discover our cutting-edge Boxtherm 60 designed to meet your heating needs with precision and reliability. With dimensions of 57.5 x 53 x 46 cm, this innovative product offers optimal heating performance while maximizing space efficiency in your home.

Equipped with a nominal heat output of 5.9 kW and a partial heat output of 2.2 kW, this heating solution ensures efficient and effective heating, providing warmth exactly when and where you need it most. Its high efficiency ratings of 91% (nominal) and 94.7% (partial) guarantee optimal energy utilization, helping you save on heating costs while reducing environmental impact.

With a nominal hourly consumption of 1.3 kg/h and a partial hourly consumption of 0.5 kg/h, this product offers exceptional fuel efficiency, ensuring long-lasting warmth without the need for frequent refueling. Plus, with a tank volume of 13 liters, you can enjoy extended heating autonomy, with up to 7 hours at nominal heat output and an impressive 17 hours at partial heat output.

Engineered for versatility, this heating solution can heat a range of room sizes, with heatable volumes of up to 295 m3 (20 W/m3), 169 m3 (35 W/m3), and 107 m3 (55 W/m3). Whether you need to warm a small, cozy space or a larger room, this product delivers consistent and comfortable heat throughout.

With an energy efficiency class rating of A+, this product not only provides superior heating performance but also helps reduce energy consumption and lower your carbon footprint. Additionally, its smoke outlet diameter of 80 mm, nominal smoke temperature of 167┬░C, and nominal smoke mass of 4 g/s ensure safe and efficient smoke extraction.

Experience unparalleled heating comfort and efficiency with our advanced heating solution, designed to elevate your home heating experience to new heights.




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