Hydro slim pellet stove with ceramic or steel sides and self-cleaning brazier, 18 and 24 kW
Hydro slim pellet stove with self-cleaning cast iron brazier and reduced depth (40.7 cm).
It is available in two power ratings: 18 kW, perfect for homes of about 140 square metres, and 24 kW, for homes of about 220 square metres.
Intelligent combustion management system with Maestro technology and double Wi-Fi included.
Sides in Sand, Bordeaux, White ceramic or Black, White, Silver metal.


Everything you need to know about Aki pellet stove

Cleaning autonomy

Aki is designed to make the end user’s life even easier. In fact, it is fitted with an advanced automatic cleaning system that allows you to remove the ash only once every 7-10 days.

The ash pan is large in order to collect all the unburned material from the brazier. The brazier is a self-cleaning brazier with mechanical scraping system that activates automatically at every switch-off and whenever the sensor detects ash build-up.

Ideal space-saving solution

The reduced depth (40.7 cm) is ideal to save space. The smoke outlet may be positioned in the back (as in the photo) or on the top, to reduce the total volume even further. The top smoke outlet allows for installation flush with the wall, which reduces the depth of the stove and, consequently, optimises space in the home.

Advanced control
via Wi-Fi included as standard

This product includes the Maestro technology, that allows the heater to express its utmost potential with even an easier and more intuitive use. A real integrated micro-computer dialogues with your smartphone and further improves the performances of the heater that continues to perfectly work even in non-ideal conditions. Find out here all the advantages of the entire range of high-performance stoves that can be controlled remotely.

Technical data and download documentation for Aki

Aki Hydromatic 18 M2

Aki Hydromatic 24 M2



Additional information

Front panel

Ceramic – Sand, Ceramic – White, Ceramic Bordeaux, Metal – Black, Metal – Silver, Metal- White