Vivo 90 Hydro Pellet Fireplace

Introducing the Vivo 90 Hydro: a large-view pellet closed fireplace featuring a spacious black cast iron brazier and firebox. With two power options – 16 kW and 24 kW – it efficiently heats homes of different sizes, up to 240 square meters.

Rapidly heating radiators or underfloor systems, it also distributes hot air within the room, aided by a powerful front fan. Its generous 65-liter pellet tank offers up to 45 hours of continuous operation at minimum power.

Equipped with a patented “brushless” gear motor, it ensures powerful, silent, and energy-efficient operation. Plus, with a new ceramic spark plug, ignition occurs in less than three minutes, reducing electrical consumption significantly.


Introducing our innovative Hydro Pellet Fireplace, designed to elevate your home heating experience. With its expansive large-view design and robust black cast iron construction, it combines aesthetics with functionality seamlessly.

The Vivo 90 Hydro is more than just a fireplace; it’s a heating powerhouse. Rapidly heating all the radiators in your home or even your entire underfloor heating system, it ensures efficient distribution of hot air, even within the room where it’s installed, courtesy of its powerful front fan.

Available in two power ratings – 16 kW and 24 kW – it caters to homes of varying sizes, from approximately 170 square meters to 240 square meters. What sets it apart is its generous 65-liter pellet tank, offering an impressive 45 hours of continuous operation at minimum power, ensuring uninterrupted warmth when you need it most.


‘Brushless’ Gear Motor:

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. Our patented “brushless” gear motor, exclusively crafted for MCZ, powers the pellet loading feed screw and automatic brazier cleaning system. Compared to traditional gear motors, it boasts enhanced power, quieter operation, and reduced energy consumption by a staggering 90%.


Ignition Speed:

Moreover, thanks to a new ceramic spark plug, ignition is swift, with flames igniting in less than three minutes. This not only reduces ignition times by 40% but also significantly cuts down on electrical consumption, adding to the fireplace’s overall energy efficiency.

With the Hydro Pellet Fireplace, experience warmth, efficiency, and innovation in one sleek package, transforming your home into a haven of comfort and style.


Vivo 90 Hydro 16:

Introducing our innovative heating solution: 18 kW power, 94.2% efficiency, 64-liter tank, and extended autonomy. Ideal for spaces up to 900 m3, with A++ energy efficiency and easy installation.


Vivo 90 Hydro 24:

Introducing our powerful heating solution: 24.7 kW nominal power, 93.3% efficiency, and a 64-liter tank. Ideal for spaces up to 1235 m3, with A++ energy efficiency and easy installation.



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