Sentinel Kinetic MVHR Unit

Sentinel Kinetic MVHR products redefine ventilation excellence, offering outstanding performance and energy efficiency for all living spaces. With a cutting-edge backward curved impeller design, they ensure quiet operation and minimal energy consumption, catering to small apartments or spacious houses alike.

These units feature optional acoustic solutions, perfect for noise-sensitive areas, and can recover up to 70-95% of heat while extracting from multiple bathrooms and kitchens. Experience enhanced air quality and humidity control with integrated sensors, ensuring optimal ventilation while conserving energy.

With easy installation and maintenance, BMS connectivity, and customizable spigot options, Sentinel Kinetic MVHR products provide the perfect balance of performance and convenience, transforming any space into a healthier, happier home.


Technical information for Sentinel Kinetic

Introducing MVHR – Your Smart Home Ventilation System

MVHR, or mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, is a clever whole-house ventilation system designed to keep your home fresh, healthy, and energy-efficient. It works by continuously supplying and extracting air at a gentle rate, meeting all Building Regulations Part F System 4 requirements.

The unit is usually installed in your loft or cupboard, with rigid ducting delivering fresh, filtered air to your living spaces and

removing stale, polluted air from wet areas. Ceiling diffusers ensure a balanced system, keeping every room comfortable.

The MVHR unit features a special polymer heat exchanger that warms incoming air before it reaches your living spaces. This heat exchanger is super efficient, recovering 70% to an impressive 95% of heat, depending on the type used. To meet the latest regulations, we recommend the 95% heat exchanger for optimal performance.

Controlling your MVHR system is a breeze. You can manually boost its speed when cooking or bathing using simple switches or set it to auto mode w

ith humidity or other sensors in wet rooms. Plus, you won’t need additional window ventilators with this smart system.

For housebuilders, energy efficiency is a top priority, and MVHR is a cost-effective way to reduce carbon emissions and dwelling emission rates. Consumers are also realizing the health benefits of indoor air quality. Studies highlight MVHR as the best choice for energy-efficient air exchange, creating a healthier home environment for all.


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