Introducing our 6 kW Pellet Stove, the perfect heating companion for compact living spaces. Combining compact design with powerful performance, this stove ensures warmth and comfort even in the smallest rooms.

With its advanced remote control features, you can effortlessly adjust settings and temperature to suit your preferences from anywhere in the room. Enjoy the convenience of customizable heating options tailored to your comfort needs.

Crafted with durability and efficiency in mind, our pellet stove is designed to last, offering reliable warmth while helping you save on energy costs. Elevate your home’s ambiance and stay snug throughout the seasons with our versatile 6 kW Pellet Stove.


Introducing our Tecla 6 kW Pellet Stove, designed for optimal heating in small spaces or well-insulated homes. Crafted with a cast iron top and painted steel sides available in Bordeaux, White, Dark, or Silver. This stove combines aesthetics with functionality seamlessly.

Experience unparalleled comfort with its forced ventilation system, intelligently managed by Maestro+. This low-powered stove efficiently distributes warm air throughout the room or open space, ensuring a cozy atmosphere in minutes. Tailor the fan power to your preference, from a swift, powerful breeze for quick heating to a gentle whisper for maintaining temperature.


Ignition Speed and Gear Motor:

Igniting your comfort is swift with the new ceramic spark plug, further reducing ignition times by 40% while minimizing electrical consumption. Transitioning to efficiency, our patented “brushless” gear motor, exclusive to MCZ, powers the pellet loading feed screw and automatic brazier cleaning system. Its enhanced performance boasts quieter operation and 90% reduced energy consumption compared to traditional motors.

For moments of tranquility, transition to peace with the No-Air function, silencing forced ventilation. While still enjoying natural convection heat diffusion. With its sealed combustion chamber, this stove optimizes oxygen usage. This ensures minimal consumption and perfect thermal comfort without emitting smoke indoors, even in energy-efficient homes.

Maestro+ Technology:

Control your comfort with ease using Maestro+ technology, allowing seamless management via smartphone through a dedicated app or a retractable digital control panel included as standard. Whether at home or away, stay in command of your heating needs with advanced Wi-Fi connectivity which ensures comfort is always within reach.


Technical Specifications:

The Tecla pellet stove boasts a seasonal space heating energy efficiency of 81%. Its dimensions measure 45.6 x 90 x 49.2 cm. With a nominal heat output of 6.3 kW and a minimum heat output of 2.5 kW, it ensures versatile heating options. At maximum efficiency, it operates at 91.5% while at minimum, it maintains an efficiency of 92%. It consumes 0.6 kg/h at minimum heat output and 1.45 kg/h at maximum heat output, providing 26 hours and 11 hours of autonomy, respectively. The hopper capacity is 24 liters. It can heat volumes of 315 m3 at 20W/m³, 180 m3 at 35W/m³, and 115 m3 at 55W/m³. The smoke outlet diameter is 80 mm. Weighing 90 kg, it ensures durability and stability. The temperature of the exhaust smoke reaches 165°C, ensuring efficient combustion.



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