Marlene Forno E

Discover the Marlene Forno E wood-burning stove, a harmonious blend of efficiency and elegance. With its sleek design and high-performance features, this stove offers both warmth and style to any living space. Enjoy the convenience of its adjustable pipes and columns, allowing for easy installation and customization. Experience the comforting glow of its ceramic, brass, and cast iron construction, while its impressive heat output and efficiency ensure cozy nights all winter long. Elevate your home with the timeless appeal of the Marlene Forno E wood-burning stove.


Rooted in Nordic tradition, the Marlene stove collection embodies timeless elegance with its geometric designs and minimalist “tiles” patterns. These stoves are meticulously crafted to be freestanding, allowing flexible placement without wall support. From the compact “Mini” to the spacious “Maxi” models, and from those with additional refractory mass to versatile stove-and-oven combinations, the Marlene series offers a comprehensive range to cater to every client’s specific needs and preferences. Whether you seek a cozy addition to your living space or a functional heating solution, Marlene stoves deliver both style and performance. Explore the diverse selection and find the perfect match for your home.



Delve into a versatile array of finishes that elevate your décor with charm and sophistication. From the timeless allure of glossy white to the rustic elegance of hand-worked textures, each option imbues your space with character and style. Whether you’re drawn to the classic simplicity of matte black or the vibrant hues of Bordeaux and blue, these finishes offer endless possibilities to complement your interior design scheme. Embrace the subtle intricacies of crackled ivory or the bold statement of celadon green, each finish adding its own unique touch to your home. Additionally, explore decorative options like white with blue or green accents, infusing your space with personality and flair. With metal finishing in brass or nickel, you can further customize your stove to reflect your individual taste and preference. Experience the transformative power of these finishes as they breathe new life into your living space.


Technical Specifications:

Introducing the Marlene Forno E wood-burning stove, a stylish and efficient heating solution for your home. With its sleek design and compact dimensions, it fits seamlessly into any space. Enjoy the warmth and ambiance while minimizing fuel consumption, thanks to its impressive energy efficiency rating of A+. With a nominal heat output of 9.00 kW and an efficiency of 80.80%, it provides ample heat to keep you comfortable on chilly days. The stove’s ceramic, brass, and cast iron construction ensures durability and longevity, while the included accessories such as pipes, elbows, and rosettes offer flexibility in installation. Experience the perfect blend of form and function with the MARLENE L/F E wood-burning stove.



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