Maria Luigia Stove

Step into the realm of sophistication and timeless elegance with Maria Luigia, a ceramic stove crafted to perfection. Inspired by the grandeur of the Grand Duchess of Parma, this masterpiece seamlessly blends historical charm with modern efficiency. With its exquisite ceramic cladding and sturdy cast-iron elements, Maria Luigia radiates regal allure and offers efficient heating capabilities. Experience the epitome of luxury and practicality as you elevate your living space with Maria Luigia’s majestic presence.


Step into the world of Sergio Leoni’s visionary craftsmanship with the Maria Luigia ceramic stove. A stunning creation inspired by the timeless allure of the Grand Duchess of Parma. Rooted in the legacy of Leoni’s inaugural creation from the late ’60s, Maria Luigia embodies enduring elegance and timeless sophistication that transcends generations.

The Maria Luigia ceramic stove is adorned in the Empire Style. This pays homage to ancient military stoves, seamlessly blending historical charm with modern functionality. From its exquisite ceramic cladding to its sturdy cast-iron door, every detail of Maria Luigia exudes an air of regal opulence and refined taste.



Available in a variety of finishes, from glossy white to matte black, Maria Luigia offers versatility to complement any interior aesthetic. Whether adorning a contemporary living space or a traditional home, this masterpiece adds a touch of timeless beauty to every setting. Metal finishings of nickel, brass and nickel matt are available.


Technical Specifications:

Explore Maria Luigia’s technical specifications, boasting an energy efficiency class of A+ and a nominal heat output of 8.90 kW. The Maria Luigia has an efficiency rating of 80.90% and an hourly consumption of 2.30 kg/h. This ensures efficient heating for spaces up to 219.00 m3.

Enhance Maria Luigia’s functionality and aesthetics with a range of accessories, including pipes, elbows, and rosettes. The Maria Luigia stands as a testament to Sergio Leoni’s enduring legacy of craftsmanship and innovation. Whether you’re seeking to recreate the grandeur of bygone eras or add a touch of elegance to your contemporary lifestyle.



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