Deco Pellet Fuelled Stove

The Classic-Style Small Pellet Stove, crafted from cast iron in Black, offers a timeless design for any fireplace. Its compact size makes it a space-saving solution, fitting seamlessly into existing fireboxes. Featuring Maestro+ technology, this stove allows advanced control via a smartphone app or a retractable digital panel. With top or back smoke outlet options and high environmental certifications, it ensures efficient and eco-friendly heating.


The Classic-Style Small Deco Pellet Fuelled Stove. Meticulously crafted from cast iron and finished in Black, is the perfect enhancement for any fireplace. Its elegant design combines traditional aesthetics with modern technology, making it an ideal addition to any home.


Space Saving Solution

The compact dimensions of this stove offer an excellent space-saving solution, fitting seamlessly into existing fireboxes. They provide both a classic “British” touch and an efficient heating source.


Maestro+ Technology

Loading pellets is made effortless with the stove’s sliding pellet tank. The stove features Maestro+ technology, enabling advanced control via Wi-Fi through a specific smartphone app. This app provides comprehensive control of the stove, whether you’re at home or away. It connects through your home internet network (router) or directly via Bluetooth. Additionally, a retractable digital control panel, fitted on the top, offers standard convenience for managing stove settings.

The Maestro+ version of this pellet stove offers versatility with smoke outlet options available on the top or back, complete with an optional hole cover. This flexibility ensures that the stove can be installed in various setups, catering to different home designs and preferences.


Technical Specifications

The Classic-Style Small Deco Pellet Fuelled Stove boasts an A+ energy efficiency class with a seasonal space heating efficiency of 81.00%. Measuring 75 x 80.5 x 55.5 cm, it provides a nominal heat output of 8.00 kW and a minimum of 2.40 kW. The stove achieves impressive efficiency rates of 92.70% at maximum output and 94.30% at minimum. It consumes 0.50 kg/h of pellets at minimum output and 1.80 kg/h at maximum, offering up to 30 hours of autonomy at minimum usage and 8 hours at maximum. With a 23.00-liter hopper capacity, it can heat volumes up to 400 m³, depending on insulation quality. The stove features a 100 mm smoke outlet, weighs 200.00 kg, and has an exhaust smoke temperature of 135.00 °C with a mass of smoke at 4.80 g/s.

Moreover, meeting rigorous technical standards such as EN 14785, BimSchV 2nd stage, and various regional regulations in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, this stove is built to the highest quality and environmental specifications.


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