Castellana Wood Burning Stove

Step into luxury with Castellana, an exquisitely crafted wood-burning stove designed to elevate any space. With its commanding presence and meticulous detailing, Castellana offers both style and functionality. Constructed from premium ceramic, brass, and cast iron, it promises enduring quality and timeless elegance. Experience the epitome of comfort and sophistication with Castellana, the ultimate centerpiece for your home.


The Castellana, a wood burning stove, embodies the timeless charm of Italian heritage. It is reminiscent of the stately stoves that once graced the homes between the Apennines and the plains. With its impressive stature and refined design, Castellana exudes sophistication and warmth.It is crafted with meticulous attention to detai. This stove boasts harmonious lines and skillful inserts of brass, elevating its aesthetic appeal. Whether warming the ambiance or the heart, Castellana is a true lady of the house, offering both comfort and style to any living space.



Available in a range of stunning finishes. These include gloss in craquele white, ivory and cella, green bordeaux, honey, blue, and black. Also available in matt and in craquele white and black. Metal finishings include nickel and brass.


Technical specifications:

With dimensions carefully calibrated for optimum performance, Castellana boasts a nominal heat output of 14.60 kW and an efficiency rating of 85.80%. Its innovative design ensures efficient heating while minimizing fuel consumption, with an hourly consumption of just 3.60 kg/h.

The stove’s impressive heatable volume of 359.00 m3 makes it suitable for heating large spaces, providing warmth and comfort to any room. Equipped with a Ø120.00 mm smoke outlet and weighing 216.00 kg, Castellana is designed for stability and reliability.

Whether enhancing the ambiance of a living room or adding character to a cozy corner, Castellana is the epitome of style and functionality. With its timeless design and exceptional performance, it’s a welcome addition to any home.



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